Simplicity Sells

Though this is an older talk by David Pogue it’s main concepts still hold true. He talks about simplicity, and every designer knows about it, but not every designer can achieve it. David Pogue uses both he considered as worst interface designs and encouraging examples of great designs to let you know what simplicity truly is.

The video is funny, but it might not be that funny for PC user as throughout the entire talk, David criticizes anything about Microsoft Windows while praises Apple’s anything. However, bias didn’t mean all his points are not true.

Why are there choices in old Microsoft Windows’ log off dialog box that makes it take 3 clicks to shut down the computer while Apple Mac only needs 1 click? -David Pogue

There are also some awesome examples other than Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac, like Google’s simple user interface and speech recognition software that focused on increasing speech recognition’s accuracy. All these examples are telling you that the simplicity will be the ultimate reason that a customer buys your product.

David Pogue: Simplicity sells from TED.
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